Years of research, focus, and expertise had led to the introduction of BOBO Drinks. BOBO Drinks is an enterprise inspired by a famous Vietnamese singer, Dan Truong. Since 1996, Dan Truong performed all over the world and through his travels; he tasted, studied, and collected over thousands of recipes focusing mainly on desserts, teas, and exotic mix drinks. His experience with each country’s unique flavor combination, creativity, recipe development, and technique was shared to a group of professional chefs who are passionate about art and creating delectable dishes. BOBO Drinks was established to introduce the most appetizing, refreshing, unique, and creative dish to the table at an affordable price.

         BOBO Drinks’ expertise includes the shaved ice, a popular Taiwanese dessert. At BOBO Drinks, we combine modernist and classic techniques to create elegant but fun shaved ice combinations such as the Green Tea Blast or Chocolate Thriller. What makes our shaved ice different from the rest is our concentration on the Taiwanese style: sweetened beans, jellies, fruits, ice cream, tied together with a generous drizzle of brown sugar syrup, and if you’re lucky, a hint of oh-so-sweet condensed milk! Our shaved ice is done right: the ice should be fine and fluffy—neither too crunchy, nor too dense and wet.

         BOBO Drinks’ refreshers include fresh brewed tea, Italian sodas, smoothies made of fresh fruits, freshly squeezed juices, java, and special infused ice tea jars. Our motto is to keep the drinks fresh by brewing tea leaves daily and keeping the sugar level at a minimum by using fresh fruits instead of over-using artificial syrups. Brewing our own tea allows us to get creative with flavors and control the amount of sugar we use, if any. The special infused ice tea jar mixed with exotic fruits is one of BOBO’s specialties. Our non-carbonated ice tea is delicately infused with unique flavors and offers a great alternative to soft drinks with a sensational finish. All our unique blends are full of surprises, offering the perfect solution to a refreshing lifestyle.

         For a heavier appetite, BOBO Drinks introduces the Toast Box, Crepes, and quick but tasty finger foods. Our Toast Box is toasted to perfection—not too crunchy but not too soggy, causing the ice cream to soak in quickly. Our crepes are toasted the same way and served with a variety of ice cream flavors such as strawberry, green tea, vanilla, cookies n’ cream and topped with fresh assorted fruits. Our quick bites include the very famous Vietnamese sandwich with a brilliant American twist, Beignets from New Orleans, tropical salad from Thailand, and a combination of Vietnamese-inspired to die for snacks. BOBO Drinks’ goal is to cook fast but tasty food for customers to enjoy over a cup of tea or two.

         Here at BOBO Drinks, our hallmark is simple: stay dedicated to quality and stay true to the traditions and standard that has shaped BOBO Drinks since its founding.