BOBO Drinks

is excited to offer two different license models, with each model providing the entrepreneurs a variety of different opportunities.

Retail Stores

is a unique business model which provides a special ambiance to both young and old visitors to feel like  “home.” At BOBO Drinks, we offer the entrepreneurs the opportunity to open one or more of these highly profitable stores through the licensing program. We will combine your creative insights with our experience to gain every bit of competitive edge. In joining the licensing program, BOBO Drinks will provide:

· Free Business Consultation

· Searching of Locations (Optional)

· Store Management Support (Business Plan, Suppliers, Equipment Vendors)

· Original/New Recipes and Product Information

· Hands-On Products and Operation Training

· Marketing Support

· Store Designs ( we offer 4 different lay out designs)

Mall Kiosks

is designed for the entrepreneurs to take advantage of one of the most successful sale and marketing opportunities. Being indoors kiosks, we can provide shoppers sample of new products, maximize the potential of the most popular items, and gain exposure to those who may not be familiar with the products or services. Each mall attracts thousands of shoppers daily, which helps BOBO Drinks’ business be exposed to a larger customer base.

We appreciate your visit at BOBO Drinks and invite you to speak with our exclusive representative about our unique Specialty Licensing Opportunities. For additional information, please contact:

Windi ThuyTien Trinh

Office: 1-408-646-6684 or 1-408-433-9899

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